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Tawassul (Resorting to intermediaries)

Tawassul literary means "resort to intermediaries;" the concept "principally [refers to] the practice of petitionary prayer, addressed to God through a holy personage such as a Prophet or a saint" (DSI 226).

Synonyms: Tawassul
Tawassul supplication

It is one of the famous Shia prayers which is common to be recited every week. In this prayer, Shias seek each of the Fourteen Infallibles’ intercession (or shafaa) in fulfilling their requests from God.

The Holy Quran

An Abrahamic sacred book, all of which has been revealed to Muhammad (pbuh) by God. According to bibliographic documentations, not a single word of it has changed through the centuries. Quran invites the followers of all religions to unite under the same word and fight against the arrogance.

Synonyms: Quran,Holy Quran,The Holy Quran
The Re-appearance of Imam Mahdi (a. s.)

Imam Mahdi (a.s) is the "twelfth Imam of the Shia, who is deemed to be still living, but in a state of occultation (ghayba), until the time when God commands him to come forth and—according to clear promises given in the Holy Quran (in the following verses: Surahs al-Nur, XXIV: 54; al-Tawba, IX: 33; al-Fath, XLVII: 28; al-Saff, LXI: 9) and the most authentic hadiths—he will establish the authority of Islam throughout the entire world" (DSI 114). Imam Mahdi (a.s), "who is also known as the ruler of the time (sahib al-zaman), the one who will restore justice (qa'im), and the awaited one (al-muntazar), will fill the earth with justice after it has been filled with injustice and tyranny" (EIMW 421).

The Satisfaction of Allah

A religious expression frequently used by Muslims meaning that the believer in God (mu'men) lovingly embraces whatever coming from God to him/her and is grateful towards it. Such a spiritual state is among the most supreme of states in Islam. It is to be noted that the status of ridha (satisfaction with the Divine Providence) does not at all contradict justice- and truth-seeking attempts.

The Throne Verse

Ayatul Kursi or "Throne Verse" (Q 2: 255), thematically known as the most exalted verse of the Holy Quran. It is highly recommended to be recited frequently.

Synonyms: Ayatul Kursi
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