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Zeinab bint Ali

Zeinab bint Ali (626 AD-682 AD) was Imam Ali’s (1st Shia Imam) daughter and Imam Hussain’s (3rd Shia Imam) sister. She is known as the first-hand narrator of Ashoora Tragedy (Imam Hussain’s Martyrdom) and for her courageous justice-seeking speech in the presence of the Caliph Yazid (who had killed her brother) exposing his atrocious crimes.

Synonyms: Zeinab,Zeinab bint Ali
Ziarat e Ashoora

Ziarat e Ashoora refers to a religious text recited as part of the ritual commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (a.s.) and his companions and also as a means of approximation specially on the day of Ashoora or any other day. In Shia culture, Muslims are urged to frequently read this supplicatory text, significantly because in it the reader expresses his/her love and devotion to the Exalted Allah, Prophet (pbuh), and Ahl al-bayt (a.s.) and also his/her dissociation with their enemies and the oppressors.


In Shia Islam, ziyarat is the act of visiting or making pilgrimage to the tombs Imams (pbuh). The burial places of Imams "are focal points of baraka (blessing and grace) where communications between humans and the divine are believed to be especially effective" (EI 722). The most important shrines for the Shia are the shrine of Prophet Muhammad (a.s.) in Medina and those of the Imams (pbuh):  Ali ibn abi talib in Najaf (Iraq), Hossain ibn Ali in Karbala, the Kazimayn (the seventh and ninth Imams Musa al-Kazim and Muhammad al-Taqi) in a north Baghdad suburb, Ali al-Hadi and Hasan al-Askari (the10th and 11th Imams) in Samarra (Iraq), al-Rida (or Reza, the eighth Imam) in Mashhad (Iran), and the holy shrine of his sister, Fatima Masoume (God's blessings to her) in Qom (Iran); the shrine of Sayyida  Zaynab (God's blessings to her), the daughter of Imam Ali and the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is also an important ziyarat sites for the Shia Muslims.

Synonyms: pilgrimage
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